Who We Are

Sishima Holdings Ltd is a parent company with diversified business interests.  Our biggest subsidiary is Sishima Property Ltd; a real estate development firm based in Lusaka, Zambia.  We also have a keen interest in the energy sector.

Why Zambia, Why Now?
Projected GDP Growth
Urbanisation Rate


Sishima Property Ltd, our biggest subsidiary, is a real estate development firm based in Lusaka, Zambia. As a subsidiary of Sishima Holdings Ltd, we hold true to the company’s ethos of “re-branding Africa”; a place no longer known for her tainted past but now celebrated for her many exciting and dynamic economies. Inseko Park, in New Kasama, is our flagship development.

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Kuno Zambia, our newest project, is a real estate web-kuno-logo 180x96search engine specifically created for the Zambian market.  Once launched, the site will allow users to find property for rent and for sale online by the simple click of a button. We have an expanding database of real estate property located across the country, connecting property owners to their buyers.

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